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Magic Netball Club is a junior performance club focused on improving individual players to help them excel in the sport. As a result of high quality coaching, players make strong individual progress which creates successful team performances. We encourage players to join us from a young age, so that we can provide them with focused coaching to master the basics of the game. With these basics mastered, this allows our players to keep their place in our squad year on year and as a result develop their own individual style in the game as they progress through our older age groups. 

A huge experience of the game is NOT vital before a player trials with us. Instead we look for players with potential, good basic skills and raw talent. We very much welcome players from a range of schools across Sussex. As long as our players are able to maintain our 80% attendance and availability rates they are welcome at Magic! We work with our players to develop them as well rounded players and enable them to reach the best level of netball they want to achieve.



At Magic we have one official annual trial date per year (approx March/April). This is where we fill the majority of our club spaces. However, as a club we do keep places in every squad in order to offer players with potential an open trial at any point in the year. During the year, our open trials take place during our training sessions. Please just drop us an email on if you wish to find out more or come along for a trial during the season. 

Our aim is for all squads is to complete at regional level from U13 upwards.

For the 2023-2024 season our teams compete in the following divisions:

U19 - Division 1 

U16 - Division 1

U14 - Division 2

U13 - Divison 1

With our younger squads (U12 and under), we work on developing their basics through focused training and purposeful match play opportunities. This supports their readiness to play regional level netball from U13. 

Alongside the regional leagues, we play in the Berkshire Leagues, ENG leagues, County Leagues and a range of knockout competitions.


Our club ethos is about improving individuals to create team performance. We believe that getting the basic skills right from a young age is key to strong performance in later years. We also believe that players need exposure in matches to the best teams around the South region from a young age.  Our club is all about performance netball whilst making lifelong memories and new friends. We look for players with potential, basic skills and a fantastic hard working attitude to improve their game play.

Please enquire and we will send you details to join one of our training sessions with the current squad. 

Mid Season Trial Form (not for annual trials)

Please fill in the form below and our New Members Officer will get back to you as soon as possible!

Please only use this form during the season (for our annual trial form see the big pink button further up the page).

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